Our Story

Laque House Beauty Bar was founded in 2017 by Carolina Rubi, a lover of beauty and women empowerment. She started Laque House with the vision of creating a women's playground; a space that celebrates color and class, allows social interaction amongst powerful women, and makes you feel special! 

Our salon strives to bring out the best version of YOU!

Since opening our boutique "nail affair", we have become the leading in nail art and design in Miami area.

Our Philosophy? "With the perfect shade of polish & a mimosa in hand, anything is possible!"

waiting room 2
waiting room 2

marble set
marble set

waiting room
waiting room

waiting room 2
waiting room 2


Our Culture

Laque House is a space of hospitality for both women and men to gather and gain confidence. Treat color theory as a powerful accessory and plan a manicure date with your friends! Brow, Lash, and Spa services can be paired to optimize your experience, and will leave you

looking your absolute best.

The Experience

A Laque House experience is an immersive exploration of sight-feel goodness, in a relaxed setting of casual elegance and unsurpassed personal service- where our staff's priority is to ensure you are pampered like a queen! 

Our unique nail bars give you the opportunity to interact with like minded women around you, make friends, and explore your creativity in beauty. 

Beauty accessories for manicure and pedi
Beauty accessories for manicure and pedi

LV nails
LV nails

lh sign
lh sign

Beauty accessories for manicure and pedi
Beauty accessories for manicure and pedi




Same... that's why we've made it easy to book appointments and choose your technician from anywhere day or night.

If you'd like a little guidance, our Reception Team is only one call away!


We believe that no matter

WHO you are,

WHERE you live,

WHAT you do,

or WHAT you wear, 

you can have the perfect manicure that makes you feel like your best self! 

Laque House is here to make that beautiful feeling happen for everyone. 


Laque House uses hospital grade sanitation methods, including sanitizing all metal tools used in service in autoclave and offering clients the option of taking single use tools home after each use.

We have state of the art extractors built into each station to ensure your breathing air is clean.


We pride ourselves in elevating your experience with high quality work, stunning interior design and friendly service. 

We want you to come in and take a mini vacation from life, replenish your energy and revitalize your soul... 

And mimosas are on us! 


Our creative artists help clients navigate the latest trends, offering individualized color consultations to ensure you'll leave with a modern, confidence-boosting manicure. 

They are all hand picked and thoroughly trained to make sure your service is everything you've been looking for.


Becky G For Laque House .JPG

Becky G

Laque House Services a number of celebrity clientele, including but not limited to:

Becky G, Arod, Mariah, Rick Ross & Iggy. 

To book music video, red carpet, or media service, please call our reception